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BISUDO MOTO wants to help you make your dreams of owning a unique car come true. We search for, buy and import unique cars for our customers. The ones you’ve been dreaming about and today you can afford to buy them. We invite you to the world of cars that delight, evoke memories and are an excellent form of investment.

In search of a dream car, we selectively buy and import cars – mainly from Japan. Before we return the car to you, we take care of the road approval in Poland – which is why all imported classics are always offered with a Polish inspection and license plates.

The cars in our collection are carefully selected for you. Each model tells its own story and has a real character. Each of our cars – oldtimer, youngtimer or newtimer – is in good or prime condition.

Classic cars from Japan – our experience

In the past, we’ve imported BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Ferrari cars from Japan. Both for ourselves (we are also car lovers) and for our valuable customers. All the cars were technically perfect and the interior was also very well kept. The technical service was always fully documented and the condition of the undercarriage was perfect. Every connoisseur of cars will easily treat them as an exemplary cars.

First of all, it is the excellent condition of the vehicles, combined with their history, that makes them desirable by collectors, but above all for people who want to make a dream come true for a long time. BisudoMoto wants the classic cars and youngtimers to be sold and imported to our homeland and thus become an automotive cultural asset that can be experienced and that constitute a well-formed, distinctive counterpoint to the mass of ordinary, everyday cars.

Cultural heritage goods

Classic cars became a secure investment, because they withstood the financial crisis. Investors who previously bought stocks, bonds or gold turned their eyes towards classic cars. Something unusual ?
•      The Guardian report shows that investments in classic cars have brought some of the biggest gains in recent times. Only works of art and wine fared better than them.
•      The American agency Knight Frank estimates that in recent years the value of well-preserved selected classics has grown at a rate of 25 percent annually.
•      In Polish auction houses it is said that the minimum amount that must be allocated to a typical investment car is 100,000. PLN.


    or decades-old classics, in some cases (selected models of Porsche, Ferrari, Bugatti or Aston Martin) are a certain profit, but require a huge financial contribution. The rule is usually simple: the more you invest, the more you will gain, because the more expensive the car, the faster it gains in value.


    But the wealthy on average can also earn – cars are not limited only to a garage polished oldtimers. Youngtimers, i.e. younger classics, are something for those who want to invest in a classic car, enjoy it every day, and sell it at a profit after many years. Which models are worth being interested in? At BISUDO MOTO we will help, advise and choose the right models!

    A historic car as an investment

    A historic vehicle is a perfect combination of a hobby and an investment. You do not lose on a well-thought-out purchase, and there are also many possibilities of using such a car or motorcycle. Both in Poland and all over Europe many rallies, shows, competitions and collectors’ rallies take place. You can take part in exclusive tours, spend the night in historic castles and palaces, race in collector competitions or take part in military reconstructions together with other enthusiasts. In Poland, we have about 50 thousand such cars, and their number is growing very quickly, because it is becoming a very fashionable occupation and a very good way to make a profit.

    Purchase procedure

    We offer a unique service on the market: Total support in a multi-stage purchasing process. We not only help in choosing the right car, but as a few, we guarantee its personal inspection with a movie before purchase, including paint thickness measurement. BISUDO MOTO will guarantee a proven and safe purchase, we will advise you on which model to choose and what budget to prepare for it, and then we will reliably carry out the entire process of purchase, import, official fees, translations and registration. Our goal is to completely relieve the client’s time and commitment, meet his expectations and make client’s face smile after handing over the car keys.

    Stage 1: Specification

    What we need from you is to provide the expected parameters of the car you are looking for: brand, model, year, equipment version, mileage, regardless of whether the car you are looking for is an oldtimer, youngtimer or any other vehicle. It is also important to define your budget. Thanks to this, we will find exactly the car you dream about. The specification together with the order will be part of our documented contract.

    Stage 2: Research

    Now it’s time for us. We begin the process of searching for a car that perfectly meets your expectations. It can be tedious, but trust us – it’s worth the wait. Let us run all contacts and wait patiently, we are very honest about the search stage. At this stage, we also check whether we are able to buy, import and prepare the indicated car from the Japanese market for the budget you specify. If not, we will inform you about it, informing you by how much you should increase the budget in order to meet your targeted model.

    Stage 3: Agreement

    When we are sure that we will be able to find the car you are looking for in the assumed budget, we will sign a contract and ask you for an advance payment. This will give us the basis for further action and allow us to quickly buy a car.

    Stage 4: Purchase

    If the car we find matches your specification 100%, we will try to buy it immediately, so that you don’t miss the opportunity. Otherwise, we will consult with you about any discrepancies, e.g. in terms of mileage, color or equipment. We will show photos, present the history and the final price of a given item. You will decide whether we should fight for the purchase of this car at an auction in Japan.

    Stage 5: Deposit

    After we manage to buy the car, you pay the remaining part of the budget and we start the procedure of safely bringing the car to the country.

    Stage 6: Transportation

    Depending on which Japanese auction your car was purchased at, its import from Japan to the country may take from 8 to 10 weeks. Of course, we will take care of professional car protection, export fees and insurance for transport. We also pick up the car from the selected destination port and transport it to our country.

    Stage 7: Translation of documents  

    Translation of documents is necessary for you to register your car in Poland. Importing a car from Japan is associated with a large number of necessary documents. Before picking up your dream car, our team will prepare for you complete documentation with translations from Japanese.

    Stage 8 (optional): Renovation / Detailing

    If you want to pick up your car in perfect technical and visual condition, you can commission us to carry out a professional renovation, including interior and exterior detailing. We take care of every detail, because these are our values. Every detail will be prepared with due diligence to make the car a beautiful decoration of your collection.

    Step 9: Pick up the car

    It’s time to make your dream come true. You will pick up the keys and a set of documents for your new car. In order for you to enjoy 100% of your purchase, we will register your car and deliver it to any place in Europe you choose. Congratulations! From now on, you become the owner of an extraordinary car, the ornament of your collection!

    Why the Japanese used cars are the most preferred in the world?

    Cars in Japan are serviced very carefully and Japanese roads are known to be the best in the region. These high-quality cars are usually second or third vehicles and are often driven only during weekends. Mainly purchased to stand out. Due to very rare use, these cars usually have low mileage on the meters, visible in kilometers and corresponding to their age.

    Japan’s passenger car service standards are among the highest in the world. The Japanese government discourages people from owning cars older than 5-6 years by using a level-based “shaken” system – technical car inspection – the older the car, the higher the amount of the “shaken” tax has to be paid. Hence, despite the low mileage and impeccable condition, to decrease costs the car is often sold to aftermarket

    Below our carefully selected offer

    For more details, please contact us.

    2009 MERCEDES-BENZ CLS 550 AMG (W219)

    – durring import from Japan –

    2008 MERCEDES-BENZ E 550 (W211)

     – durring import from Japan –

    2005 MERCEDES-BENZ CLS 350 (W219)

    – durring import from Japan –


    – already sold –

    2004 MERCEDES-BENZ S500 (W220)

     – already sold –


    – already sold –

    2007 MErcedes-Benz S550L (W221) AMG

    – already sold –

    1991 MERCEDES-BENZ 600 SEL (W140)

     – already sold –

    2008 MERCEDES-BENZ S550 (W221)

    – already sold –

    2009 Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG

    – already sold –

    1991 MERCEDES-BENZ SL500 (R129)

     – already sold –

    1987 BMW 635CSi (E24) CSII COUPE

    – already sold –




    MODEL: E24 (6 series)

    VIN: WBAEC890800765937

    COUNTER STATUS: 126 300 km



    PRODUCTION DATE: Dec 1, 1986

    PRICE: 69 320 PLN Gross


    Fuel type: GASOLINE

    Type of body: COUPE

    Engine capacity: 3453cm3 M30 inline6.

    Line: 635 CSi CSII

    Gearbox: 5-SPEED

    Gearbox type: AUTOMATIC

    Country of delivery: JAPAN

    Paint color: ALPIN-WEISS

    Paint color code: 146

    Interior color code: ANTHRACITE (0180)

    Engine power: 155kW (215HP)

    Top speed: 225 km/h

    Acceleration: (from 0 to 100 km/h) 8.1 seconds

    Customers opinion


    Customers decide to spend large, hard-earned money and must receive in return comfort, peace and full support in making their dreams come true. The feeling with which they end the transaction is the value that then pays off. Either trust in subsequent purchases, or the company’s recommendation in wider circles. Building such a positive customer experience throughout the ordering stage is particularly most important for BISUDO MOTO.


    The BISUDO MOTO company is a reliable importer. They really understand how it all works – from the auction, to the ship and more. No other buyers at Japanese car auctions provide so much information and serve their customers so professionally. Not only do they help in choosing the right car, but they also guarantee a personal inspection before buying it, including the measurement of the paint thickness. Shopping with them is pure pleasure and complete trust. I am happy to recommend BISUDO MOTO to my friends. They guarantee the highest level of satisfaction and professionalism in action.


    Thanks to the reliable preparation of the car for sale by BISUDO MOTO, currently I can enjoy the car in perfect condition. The entire procedure, from the purchase, through transport from Japan, to the collection of the car, was carried out in a professional and factual manner. The car had no defects, and the purchase transaction itself went smoothly. I recommend it with a clear conscience to anyone who would like to bring a car from the country of the Rising Sun.


    I was afraid of a fraud or a disappointment, that the actual technical condition of the car would differ, from what was promised. As a customer, I came to the conclusion, that I am completely unsuitable for this type of shopping, I cannot buy it blindly, from the auction description, photos, movie in the rain, etc. I expected that BISUDO MOTO would guarantee a proven and safe purchase, advise which model to choose and what budget to prepare for it, and then they will guide me reliably through the entire process of purchase, import, official fees, translations and registration. They lived up to my expectations, it was a really professional and safe transaction!

    Jeep Wrangler 4.0 Unlimited

    Mercedes Benz S350 AMG

    Audi S8 5.2 V10

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